Password protection

If you need some pages to be accessed by your team only, or speakers, or as a result of a highly-target marketing drive, you can. It is as simple as ticking a box, or typing in your desired password. webr will also provide you with an authenticated user area, which means that when you work on a site, only your production team or clients can see the site.

plugins n' pages

Content management couldn't be easier with our "plugins n' pages" approach. Create a gallery or a bespoke form or your agenda, and plug it in to any page. Don't need it anymore, just one click and your plugin is removed but your page content is left intact.

multiple channels

When you need to tell a core group of your stakeholders something fast, tellr allows you to use multiple channels to ensure your message gets through. Web, Email and SMS are all available now.


online events managent

eventr is a fully intuitive online application that allows the user to have complete control over all the key elements of event organization. Using unique drag and drop technology the user can create an online presence within minutes and build the website and communicate to attendees with no need for 3rd party intervention. Every element of this technology has been build from years of event management experience and event managers feedback to save an event manager time, money and eliminate stress.

Welcome to eventr

online event management

eventr is an online software suite to give you the ability to have total control over your online presence. Contact or inform the full range of stakeholders and manage the communication seamlessly with our SMS and Email portal.

eventr takes care of both your passive and active online efforts. You can quickly build and easily design your event or conference website.

Our seatr application allows you to easily seat your attendees using our unique drag and drop interface in a pre-loaded floor plan, or one you've made yourself.