online events managent

eventr is a fully intuitive online application that allows the user to have complete control over all the key elements of event organization. Using unique drag and drop technology the user can create an online presence within minutes and build the website and communicate to attendees with no need for 3rd party intervention. Every element of this technology has been build from years of event management experience and event managers feedback to save an event manager time, money and eliminate stress.

about eventr - webr, tellr and seatr

eventr has been created thanks to the many years of collective experience and event manager feedback. Having worked for some of the biggest conference producers in the world, we have amassed an amazing amount of industry-specific skills and knowledge. We have also helped non-event companies create online applications to help run their businesses more efficiently. The next step was simple; use our skills and knowledge to create cutting edge applications to help run events and their presence online.

click 'n' drag

Is the cornerstone of the intuitive and user friendly interface to make the experience as smooth and as seamless as possible. being a prominent feature, as well as an easy to understand graphical interface.

Tool & tips

The system has tools and tip to help guide the user through the initial set up. We understand that time is of a premium and eliminating sticking points is a core element to our application. This incorporates a handy set of tutorials to guide you through your first couple of conferences.

By conference organisers - for conference organizers

The development team specialise in delivering online solutions for conferences and events for years and know how to make your life, as an event producer, much easier.

Control & Speed

You get a new sponsor, you don't want to have to wait until your web development team has time to upload the logo, approved text and adapt the pages ... you want to be able to log in and do it in seconds. Eventr gives you the control to change, adapt & make live any changes to the website within minutes

eventr 1.3 is the current release and available now. Contact us for a demonstration now.