online events managent

eventr is a fully intuitive online application that allows the user to have complete control over all the key elements of event organization. Using unique drag and drop technology the user can create an online presence within minutes and build the website and communicate to attendees with no need for 3rd party intervention. Every element of this technology has been build from years of event management experience and event managers feedback to save an event manager time, money and eliminate stress.

eventr demonstration videos

Below is our series of "in less than 60 seconds" videos. That's right: much of the key functionality in webr, seatr and tellr can be completted in less than a minute. Don't believe us? Have a look...

create an event

Best place to start is at the beginning. Here we show you how easy it is to set up your first event.

webr makes sure you set up "hugenic URLs" for excellent Search Engine Optimisation. You can even add your own, private domain name and webr will manage it for you.

create a web page

The whole purpose behind webr is to manage your online presence. So, your next step would be to create a web page.

Once you have a number of pages in place, it's easy to move them around your menu, or even change menus, too. Their will be a video on this soon!


the agenda

The success of most conferences and events is entirely reliant on the agenda: the quality of the speakers, their presentations and the tracks throughout the day.

Just watch this video to see how easy it is to manage your agenda... no more Word docs flying around the office!

add files to the library

Through our work with the events industry, we heard a particular complaint over and over: "it's always so hard to manage your files and galleries".

Not with webr; it's click 'n' drag technology makes it easy for you to add images, podcasts, even YouTube videos. Watch the next one to see how webr helps you organise these.

create a gallery

Now that you have your files online, let's make a gallery. Or as we call them in webr a "collection". Notice the control you have over the display of your collection.

Collections automatically become plugins for your pages, which means you can quickly and easily create several collections to go on different pages throughout your site.

Although some transitions have been shortened for effect, most of the original screen captures are completed in under 60 seconds.