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eventr is a fully intuitive online application that allows the user to have complete control over all the key elements of event organization. Using unique drag and drop technology the user can create an online presence within minutes and build the website and communicate to attendees with no need for 3rd party intervention. Every element of this technology has been build from years of event management experience and event managers feedback to save an event manager time, money and eliminate stress.


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eventr 1.3 is launched

September 2009

After several weeks of grueling development, eventr 1.3 is finally released.

This latest release offers an intuitive environment for the conference producer or their web editor. Built on the simple principles that drive the development team, webr is easy to learn and quick to put to use. The team is so confident in its usability that they are currently offering a free one hour training session on how to use webr for key personnel. webr's latest features include a 'WYSIWIG' agenda builder, a powerful file library, custom forms, improved speaker and sponsor management, SEO-friendly URLs & domain management, and a from-the-ground-up rebuild of the CMS system. The entire webr application is built on a foundation of usability and speed; allowing the conference producer to log in, quickly gauge the progress of each site and affect them in minutes. Our latest Personal Best is 0-to-Full Site in just under 1 hour (56 minutes to be accurate!).

introducing seatr

September 2009

seatr is now also a new part of the eventr 1.3 release. This powerful tool allows your conference manager to control the seating arrangements for any part of your conference. It allows the upload of third party floor plans and the design of bespoke plans - including a choice of table types and typical furniture. Once the seating plan is complete, seatr allows a number of printing options to help the catering and front of house teams on the day.


eventr pushes for the events industry - eventr 1.3 announced

August 2009

Having been well received by the educational market, eventr has proven itself of high interest to the events industry, too. eventr 1.3 aims to overhaul it's current platform to provide a more intuitive and effective online tool for events organisers. This has focused primarily on the upgrading of webr and of the development of seatr - the latest application to be created by our team.

webr will look more closely at the demands a conference producer faces when managing a number of event websites, including bulk operations and some clever new additions.

seatr is focused on helping the conference organiser put together their seating plans. You are able to upload a floor plan, or create your own, and to populate the plan manually - or with some clever one-click group seating options. It's easy to see all the detail available on your attendee, but it's equally easy to configure it for public use. For instance, you may only want each newly registered attendee to see the layout and that there are VIPs on a selected number of tables. To find out more, contact us for a demonstration.

tellr educational trial deemed a success

April 2009

April marked the end of a 4 month trial of the new tellr system with Windrush Valley School. The mass notification system was put through its paces with particular emphasis on usability and security. The trial was deemed a success with administrative staff getting to grips with the system very quickly, and parents being involved in the new online environment.

Part of the aim for Windrush Valley School was not only to improve School-Parent communications, but to create a closer tie between the Parents and the school itself; bringing them into the fold effectively as stakeholders.

tellr launches

March 2009

On Tuesday the 17th of March, eventr officially launched its new service: 'tellr'. tellr aims to provide mass notification systems, alongside the intuitive web publishing tool, webr, for schools, private companies and government. The tellr system is fast, incredibly secure and able to deliver messages by text, email and over the web to hundreds of stakeholders in a matter of seconds. eventr is a hosted application - often termed "Software as a Service", or SaaS.

Competitively priced, tellr has a pay-as-you-grow pricing structure; with a single installation charge, followed by a flat rate per member per year. tellr hopes to provide multi-channel communications to schools and to provide the mass notification functionality to public and government bodies. tellr is able to save schools alone over £25,000 a year in administrative and stationary costs.