online events managent

eventr is a fully intuitive online application that allows the user to have complete control over all the key elements of event organization. Using unique drag and drop technology the user can create an online presence within minutes and build the website and communicate to attendees with no need for 3rd party intervention. Every element of this technology has been build from years of event management experience and event managers feedback to save an event manager time, money and eliminate stress.

eventr pricing

Our system is currently divided into its three core applications; webr, seatr and tellr, and each one is slightly differently priced.

There is a nominal, one-time set up cost to cover administrative charges, 28 days support and initial training. We are currently also offering a free 1 hour web-based training session for free on webr. The set up cost is dependent on your usage and which applications you wish to purchase. We would like to try and offset this fee as much as possible, so contact us now to discuss your requirements.


webr has a flat fee for each deployment - starting at £850. That's it, it covers every aspect of your site and includes all of the modules available in the current release of webr (as of eventr 1.3).


seatr is charged on a fee-per-deployment basis which includes a certain number of attendees. Contact us for details and a quote.


tellr is charged on a pay-as-you-grow model, which means that you get charged for what you use. Currently the cost starts at just £1.50 per member.

SMS bundles are outlined below - we are able to arrange larger bundles so please do contact us if you require greater usage.

Credits Cost per SMS Total
500 £0.079 per msg £39.50
1000 £0.074 per msg £74.00
2500 £0.071 per msg £177.50
5000 £0.067 per msg £335.00
10000 £0.059 per msg £590.00
  1 credit = 1 message  
  Message blocks of 100 to 50000 credits remain valid indefinitely and do not expire.  

All prices quoted are in GBP Sterling. All prices exclude VAT. Prices are correct as of 28 Sept 2009 and are subject to change at any time and without prior notice. For our latest prices, please contact us directly.